thus far...

ive got the basic concept for the project worked out and the base storyline floating around in my head but ive yet to put it all down on paper.

mechanics for creating linking books and linking between ages (online) has been working for sometime now although im trying to allow this ability for offline ages as well which I havent fully implemented yet.

ive just prototyped the code to allow object interaction and have some simple examples working in game (opening doors, activating "secret" shelves etc) and more recently have started to create a working model of the original myst tower rotation.

as far as translating or writing actual ages - i have an almost complete translation of the myst age as well as a partial translation of the channelwood age.

after translating ages from these well known texts, i've also attempted to turn my hand at writing my own descriptive books with varying degrees of success.

the "quickworld" book originally described a simple island floating in the sky but i have since started to describe a system of tunnels inside the island connecting to an underground cavern or room.

another book - "template" is a very simple age which i hope to use to assist others in translating and "creating" ages using the blender language.

i begin to write...

although ive been working on this project for a couple of years now i havent put a lot of info out to the community other than a couple of screenshots and snippets of what im trying to do.

the idea of this blog is to get the project ideas out into the public so that i can get some feedback/input/criticisms of what im attempting to do.

hopefully this will give me the kickstart i need to get some content out and provide a feedback mechanism to get others involved.

stay tuned...